This is a down to earth resource for those for those ready to uplevel to their potential. This is the path of discovery, inspiration, empowerment. We use seasonal celebrations, meditation, movement, chakras, boundaries, personal power, self esteem and aspects of sacred sexuality. Imagine living fully embodied, fully empowered, without the need for a social mask. Body, mind and soul integrated, open and expressive. It is everyone’s birthright to feel alive, sensual, attractive and happy in his or her body.

Dark Moon Shakti Circles * Dancing the Chakras courses * Sacred Feminine Sensuality Workshops * The Artist’s Way workgroups * Card readings *

There are many aspects of todays society that disconnect people from their physical body, the living world, each other, their higher selves and their true spiritual and sexual potential. The journey back to a more grounded, connected existence is beckoning many.

The pure inner self of every human is innately beautiful, strong and loving. Reconnection with the sacred self and basic energy principles is the key to confidence, sensuality and fulfillment – both in the relationship to self and with another.