State of the Ethers Pt 2/2: Divine Unions

This is one of the most exciting and longed-for aspects of the raise in planetary consciousness. Lots of high vibratory relationships will begin this year.

A spiritually awakened person is an anchor and transmitter for higher energies, and helps raise the collective energy. Each awakened person walking the earth makes it incrementally easier for others to awaken. Divine partnerships have an even greater synergy. They embody and radiate the template of higher energy, spiritual union, healthy sexuality, core level trust, respect and psychic closeness. A welcome and timely antidote to the current toxic dating culture.

More evolved intimate relationships are the cornerstone of a more enlightened society. Hence the dark energies have long opposed this, preventing soulmates from meeting and encouraging dysfunction, addiction and fear. They are the forces behind normalisation of porn culture, and objectifying, violent and degrading sexual attitudes. A lot of that was cleared during the solstice upgrade.

These partners have a high level of similar soul energy, and all manner of interesting synchronicities are common. And often a sense of familiarity, of having met before.

I knew your name
I knew your face
Your love and grace
Past and present now embrace
Worlds collide in inner space

Star Sky ~ Two Steps from Hell

Youtube link with lyrics:

Often there will be a sense of knowing someone new is on the way. You may get songs stuck in your head, images of their environment, intuitive glimpses of their appearance or personality. Once you physically meet, there are always all sorts of parallels in your life path – similar life challenges, loving the same obscure band, having the same favourite stripey socks etc.

A quick note on the term twin flame:

I personally don’t use the term twin flame as it has become very abused in the spiritual community, often being used to romanticise playing rescuer, codependent attachment to avoidant partners, obsession with someone not/no longer interested or justifying getting involved with someone married. A spiritual relationship has integrity and respects boundaries and free will.

It also implies that there is only one true soulmate – but what if that person cheats, becomes abusive or has an addiction? The life choices people make affect relationships just as much as destiny/ soul contracts etc. Spiritual adulthood is taking responsibility, how choices affects others, and drawing healthy boundaries when others are out of alignment. As an awakened person in these times, you need to be in full bloom to be in service. The old paradigm of being dragged down whilst making excuses for someone’s poor behaviour has had its time. Look for someone who has chosen to live at their potential.

Thus those persisting in relationships that no longer serve their highest good will be feeling increasingly conflicted and uncomfortable. Even if they are still emotionally attached, their soul knows it’s not the right person.

How to attract a divine partnership

Ahh, the million dollar question. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard of people in the spiritual community bemoaning they can’t find a partner on a similar level and path. The good news is, as individual and the collective energy level raises, the easier it gets. The big boost to the masculine energy mentioned in the first half of this update will ripple outwards and have a big effect in terms – as partners themselves, and as teachers, writers, artists and wayshowers walking the talk. Others are going to see it and be inspired.

Strive to be at your best – body, mind and spirit. Inner work and healing any unhealthy emotional patterns is paramount. Otherwise you may sabotage it if you do meet a person like this. Commitment phobia, drama/pain addiction or unworthiness can cause people to push away the very thing they have yearned for. Have a conscious think about the right sort of person for you – on a soul not an ego level.

The basics of self care, meditation, staying grounded and energy hygiene apply. Think of being a lighthouse in a storm, a shining soul beaming through the darkness. You will get hints and signs, guidance to follow. This doesn’t need to be forced (indeed I’ve seen people so obsessed with an unhealthy partner that they perceive every tiny thing as a sign). Ask for guidance then wait, don’t be fixed on it coming in a certain form. The universe has a marvellous sense of humour when it comes to bringing a soulmate into your awareness.

Your ancestors and guides will be having a giggle over this…

Prepare to be sassed in lots of little ways. Enjoy the ride. Good things are on the horizon for many over the next few months.

(c) The Body Sacred


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