The Dragonic Path

Is the path of Draconic magick for you?

In ancient times, people were far more attuned to the seasons, the spiritual world, and indeed their higher selves. Through the dark ages of religious hysteria and witchcraft burnings, Earth-based religion and the beings of the etheric realm were touted as the devil’s work, and many turned away from their ancestral spirituality. And in turn, the etheric beings turned away from all but a small minority of humanity.

However, the tides are turning. As interest in the spiritual side of life grows in the western world, so too are some of the unseen realms touching base tentatively, with trusted humans, after having cut contact with all but a few for centuries.

Dragon Guide or Guardian
We are all aligned with different energies or realms, and dragons either call to your soul or not. If you have always just liked dragons, had an “imaginary” dragon friend as a child, it is likely you already have a dragon around you. If not, you can attract one. Having a dragon drawing or statue in the house, offerings, and just taking some time to meditate and communicate daily.
They can be helpful with basic magic, can act as a guide in the Dragon Realm, and protect the household. They are very fond of their humans, and quite chatty, but still must be shown respect.

Dragon Magick Path

This is a lifelong commitment of deeper learning and practice. If you make the agreement (on the etheric level) and are accepted, you will be assigned a draconic magical teacher. This is a more formal agreement than a dragon guide. As a magical apprentice, you are expected to walk the path of integrity both in your energy work and in everyday life. As your skill levels increase, you also will have more responsibilities for clearing, healing etc for the collective. Dragons are practical, and sometimes their advice is more pragmatic – I have been told “You need to stop and rest without guilt” or even “Tidy your nest!”

I would recommend getting the DJ Conway Dragon Magick (Llewellyn publishers) books. Most current internet dragon magickal lore and online courses are based on these books (whether or not they credit her). They are full of background information, basic rituals, and guided meditations to connect to the Dragon realm. After that, the commitment is yours to make. There are levels to the training, and you can only pass to the next level of training once you have mastered the previous levels.

This is not a thing you can fast track by doing an online workshop. Others can only introduce you, and facilitate/ mentor the process, but you have to do the work. It is unlikely anyone running these fast track courses is genuinely in contact with the realm. Also, some teachings and names are considered secret, and will only be passed on within the inner realms or a closed magickal group. Dragons don’t appreciate the Path being disrespected, and have become understandably selective about the humans they will work with. Don’t associate with charlatans. Having said that, online courses can be a good way to be introduced to magickal practice and give a good structure. Ultimately, it is up to the practitioner to use their discretion.