Workshop details
Online workshops and in person shakti circles will return late 2021 to early 2022, depending on lockdown circumstances

Online Meditation
Online meditations are run via zoom. Some are seasonal celebrations and meditations, some have specific outcomes. Paid meditation events are available as recordings for those unable to make the live events. Every now and then a there are complimentary zoom meditations open to all.

Monthly Women’s Shakti Circles

A monthly gathering to refresh, inspire and support one another through our personal evolution. Each month has a different theme according to requests, seasonal energies and world events. Sometimes we work with certain gods, goddesses or energies eg. personal Power. The Circle includes a guided meditation, activities unique to that workshop, and ends with a feasting and sharing.

The Body Sacred Women’s workshops

Women of many ancient cultures have always gathered in circles of sisterhood, to teach, support and share. This introductory workshop for women will uses meditation, movement, dance and aspects of sacred sexual practices to reawaken and inspire.

These workshops are the fruition of many years of study and practice – meditation, yoga, esoteric concepts, dance, bodywork, tantra, ritual magic, Taoist practice and martial arts. It was created to share the knowledge and gifts of this path in a down-to-earth, non-judgmental and non-coercive environment.

Dancing the Chakras

Dance is as much a spiritual journey as a physical discipline. This freeform dance modality uses the chakras, energy centres of the body that correspond to different aspects of the psyche and organs of the body. Dance, movement, pranic breathing and sounding are utilised to activate, open and purify the body physically and energetically, all to a backdrop of lush world beats.

Single day workshops and well as courses of weekly classes are available. These classes are open to men and women, and no previous dance experience is required.